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cover of Kinesiology for Manual TherapiesKinesiology for Manual Therapies

by Dail, Agnew, and Floyd, published by McGraw-Hill

This innovative text that provides an advanced look at kinesiology and functional anatomy. The collective effort of three leading professionals in the field to explore the curriculum of kinesiology along with massage techniques and therapeutic exercises, this book provides

The organization of the book is two-fold: a chapter on the anatomy of the joints and muscles for a particular area is followed by a chapter that teaches specific techniques of massage for that musculoskeletal region. The subject is approached from a wide perspective of needs in multiple manual therapies: massage therapy and bodywork, athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physical fitness. Included are learning-intensive guides that will help students develop palpation skills, support their knowledge of anatomy, and help them build a toolbox of techniques that will provide a mechanism for specializing treatments. Kinesiology for Manual Therapies helps bridge the gap between basic anatomy and physiology courses and advanced courses. It can be used by the student of manual therapies. Practicing therapists will also find it useful as a reference text for continuing education and professional growth. FMI (including Table of Contents)

Kinesiology for Manual Therapies is available at www.dsmstore.netcover of A Gift of Touch, Dimensional Massagte Therapy with Nancy Dail

A Gift of Touch: Dimensional Massage Therapy
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